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LY-6 Ice Cream Machine

LY6 Linear Ice cram machine is new colored ice cream machine and is quite applicable for ice cream of different tastes. Capacity is 5000-6000pcs/h. We can make different combinations of the units according to buyers' requirements.
  • This machine employs program-controlled facilities and human-controlled operation screen to simplify the configuration and make the adjusting and maintenance more convenient and the operation more automatically-controlled.  All small carts are equipped with a switch box which can control the cart independently.



    1 Main body of the machine                     

    2 Manipulator                                

    3 Mold-stripping and dehydration part            

    4 Fluid material-charging cart                   

    5 Brei-extracting cart                         

    6 Expanding material-charging cart                

    7 Stick-inserting cart                           

    8 Chocolate-coating tank