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Packaging Machine One Conveyor with Two

Packaging Machine One Conveyor with Two, flow pack style, for cold and/or not sealing paper, photoelectrical tracing device
Recommended wrapping material: Polypropylene film type MOBIL OPP MB, thickness 26-40 micron.
Machine body is made by MS painted by anticorrosive paint
The rest part are made by SS304
  • 1Machine Body

    double reel holder,sealing/cutting jaws, with temperature electronic thermoregulatory, for paper sealing and cutting,standard in feed conveyor with chain,dry data printing unit(one date sequence),one product size folding box,outlet conveyor for wrapped product

    2,Conveyor unit

    The wrapper works fully synchronized with the tunnel and pick-up conveyor by means of special frequency converter and servo motor controlled by PLC unit.

    3,Electrical and Pneumatic box

    Electrical part: Panasonic PLC, & Servo system, Weinview Color Touch screen, top brand unit

    Pneumatic part :Airtec &FESTO

    3phase 380v 50Hz